Jazz Share Balance – How to Share Jazz Balance and its Code

Jazz’s amazing and adorable offers like Jazz Share Balance always provide ease and happiness to its customer’s life. Jazz is one of few Pakistani Mobile Networks, which is very familiar among the people, and its offers and packages are relaxing to them.

Likewise, other splendid offer of Jazz, the Jazz Share Balance, also proves very useful. Sometimes, when the balance is needed, and there is no balance available in the mobile account. This will create a very messy situation. At that time, this offer helps Jazz users.

Now, Jazz gives you a bright chance or opportunity to share the load with your loved ones and friends in a time of need through the Jazz Share Balance offer. The Jazz customers can send a minimum of 15 Rupees and a maximum of 500 rupees with this.

There is no worry if you have no balance because there is a Jazz Share balance facility. This service is beneficial and remarkable. To get that easiness provided by Jazz, one must know the method. The correct process helps you to share your balance with the concerning persons. So, let’s have a look at How Jazz Share Balance works.

How To Share Jazz Balance

Every service proves more effective and useful when the users know the right method of using it. This is very easy to get benefits from Jazz Share Load. The prepaid users of Jazz can send the balance to any other prepaid numbers easily. They have to follow the method mentioned below.

  1. From the dial pad of your mobile, dial *100* the specific number you want to share the balance * the total amount of balance you want to share #.
  2. If we can write this into numerical language, it could be like this:
  3. After this, you will receive a confirmation message to confirm that you want to share the balance. If you’re going to share, then reply with 1, or if you don’t like to share, reply with 2.
  4. The whole process of Share the Balance only requires 4.77 rupees on every recharge.

Jazz Share Balance Code

To enjoy the Jazz Share load, Usage must dial Dial this code to share the balance:

  • *100*<9230XXXXXXXX>* amount#.

Terms & Conditions

  • After dialing this *100,*<9230XXXXXXXX>* amount# from your mobile phone than a message is sent by Jazz for confirmation. After you confirm, the process will continue. Otherwise, it will stop there by Jazz.
  • On every share, Rs. 4.77 will be charged by the company.
  • If anyone misuses this offer, then Jazz will not be responsible for it at any cost.
  • On every recharge, 12.5% of the Advance income tax rate will be charged.
  • The rate of sales tax in the Federal Territory of Islamabad is 17%.
  • The rate of sales tax is 19.5% in the rest of Pakistan and AJK.