Free Internet In Pakistan 2023

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In Pakistan have multiple networks for internet, but someone give you free internet for own users. so here you will see a different types of free internet in Pakistan 2023. you get a lot of free internet ideas some have in codes and some have in vpn etc.

How To Use?

How to Use the Internet for Free?
Using Pakistan’s free internet in this way is the most logical, inventive, morally just, and legitimate course of action. Telenor Pakistan and Facebook have officially launched the programme in Pakistan, making it the eighth nation to do so. Millions of Pakistanis who are currently without internet access are the target audience for Facebook’s programme.

Through the Google Play Store app “,” users of Telenor’s 2G and 3G networks will be able to access free website browsing. By using this innovative attempt, you might get unlimited access to the internet. However, it is anticipated that soon Facebook will be joined in this attempt by other telcos and content suppliers.

Utilizing For Pakistan’s free internet:
To use this service, you must have a Telenor SIM card. Download the App on your tablet or smartphone. Install the app on your Android, iOS, or Windows Phone and then go to the website to start browsing.

Jazz Whatsapp Free: Jazz’s free Whatsapp code is *225#. Another promotion from Jazz gives you 25 Mbs every time you place a call. So, here’s how Jazz can obtain free Whatsapp MBs.

Type *225# to access the free Whatsapp MBs.
Upon entering this code, a confirmation message will appear.
You will get 25 MBs for free when you make a call.
Up to 250MBs can be provided each day using this way.
Dial *225*2# to find out the current status of this deal.
Free MBs for Jazz Simulator New Sim
With the Mobilink Jazz New Sim Offer, brand-new clients will get free 1500 MBs for 60 days (apart from between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m.). Therefore, you can attempt this way to acquire Jazz Free Internet if one of the aforementioned options does not work for you.

Jazz’s new sim-free MBs code is *989#. To get your free MBs after activating your SIM, dial this code. Additionally, you’ll get free SMS and minutes.

How to get ZONG free internet.
• As a first step, enter “CFD” in the message field and text it to 6464.
• Make a new APN with “Zongwap” in the name.
• Download and install Psiphon v3 on your phone.
The best data network in Pakistan, Zong 4G, has updated its self-care app and launched an amazing “Free 4GB Data” promotion for new app users.

Subscribers to GSM and Mobile Broadband can use the My ZongApp, which has received over 6 million app downloads and prioritises user convenience.

Customers can now access all the resources they need to manage their Zong accounts directly from their phones thanks to a recent update to the app. Customers can manage numerous Zong numbers, check their balance, recharge, and apply for a loan using the My Zong App.

The “My Zong App,” which is accessible for iOS and Android smartphones, may be used to rapidly order Zong 4G’s Handsets and MBB devices. For extra convenience, Mobile Broadband customers can use the App to access their Child and Master Numbers.

Features of the Free Internet on My Zong App
A widget is another new user-friendly element of the updated “My Zong App.” It may be put on Android home screens and provides real-time data, voice, and SMS usage information, letting users of the platform know how much of those resources they still have left.

Ufone Internet Tricks for Free

For its wonderful consumers, Ufone also provides free Internet Data tricks. Learn more about free internet data tricks by reading the information provided below.

Get 1 GB of Free Internet Data When You Install My Ufone App
Download the My Ufone app right away and sign up to receive this amazing offer and many more perks! Additionally, take advantage of several App features without paying a dime.

You will receive 1GB of data capacity free of charge when installing the Ufone app for the first time. For the following two weeks, let’s examine anything that contains content.

The only thing left to do is download and install the app on your smartphone. Enjoy it on your iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. You are able to sign up for the Voice, SMS, and Data bundles and offers of your choice.

Additionally, you only need to establish an account using your Ufone number after installing the application. You will be informed about the free internet data incentive after registering.

The first week after the day of the subscription, 500 MBs of free data will be provided. the following 7 days’ worth of 500 MBs. As a result, you have 14 days to use 1GB of data.

You can easily access all internet and calling bundles with the Ufone My App. Additionally, you will receive a discount on a variety of goods, such as hotels, shopping centres, and other items.

Additionally, this is a unique offer that not every consumer qualifies for. Only customers who receive a special message on their Ufone number are eligible for the deal.
For certain Ufone subscribers, this deal offers two different sorts of incentives.
One consumer will receive 1GB of internet data capacity for a period of 14 days.
The second group of Ufone customers will receive 40 MBs of data volume, 30 U2U free minutes, and 30 SMS for all networks.

My Ufone App Free Internet

How do I get the Ufone app offer?
this promotion is only available to select clients. You must download and install the My Ufone app on your smartphone, then follow these easy instructions to take advantage of this deal.

All right, let’s download the Ufone My App and register.
Next On your smartphone, use the “Ufone App.”
Hit the “VAS” Menu button.
Visit the “Only for You” section next.
Click “Get Code”
Finally, you can use the discount on any of the services offered. It’s done!
How is the My Ufone app installed?
Additionally, the My Ufone App is an effective tool that provides you the freedom to access and customise your most beloved services and goods. With just one login, you can now fully control one or more of your Ufone phone lines.

Google Android (Android OS 3 & Above is compatible)
Check out the Android Playstore.
Install “My Ufone App” by searching for it.

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