Zong Internet Packages 2022 – Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Zong Internet Packages
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Zong Internet Packages

Zong Internet Packages-Daily, Weekly & Monthly are smooth and eye-catching for the people of Pakistan who rely upon Zong. These packages are providing multiple chances for the users to choose the best for them. These Packages are divided into Daily, Weekly, and Monthly offers, which provide very relaxation and a wide range.

Zong Internet Packages

The internet is the primary concern for every mobile phone use so that Zong presents smart and reliable offers for them. Zong tries to compensate its users through amazing and delightful Packages. The further detail of Zong Internet Packages (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly) are given below:

Zong Daily Internet Packages

Zong Daily Internet Packages are only available for a day or 24 hours. After 24 hours, these packages are deactivated automatically, and one should activate these offers again and again after a day. The Zong Internet Packages presented by Zong by China Mobile are cool and useful. The only problem with these offers is the shortest period for its availability time. All Zong Daily Packages are mentioned below: 

[complete network=”Zong-Daily-Internet-Packages”]

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Every week, Zong also presents Weekly Internet Packages, which are affordable and finish reactivation again and again. Zong is considered the 2nd largest Mobile Network in Pakistan, so its offers are eye-catching and familiar to Pakistani people. The fantastic offers are mentioned in the table below: 

[complete network=”Zong-Weekly-Internet-Packages”]

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

Zong signals are available in every corner of Pakistan; that’s why Zong Internet Packages are formed to ease the users. These offers are full of entertainment and excitement. Zong Packages are available for 30 days which is the best part of it.  All the Zong Monthly Packages are mentioned here:

[complete network=”Zong-Monthly-Internet-Packages”]

Zong Others Internet Packages

Zong is the very first mobile network that grabbed the 4G license in Pakistan in 2014. Up to 9 million customers of Zong in Pakistan are enjoying its offers. There are many packages that are not limited to a specific validity time or date. Let’s take a look at these packages.

[complete network=”Zong-Others-Internet-Packages”]

Zong is the first mobile network in Pakistan that achieved a free license to present its mobile phone services. After all, Zong also proves itself best amongst all the mobile networks so that the offers provided by it are fantabulous and extremely likable. If the mobile network awarded precisely what’s the client’s demand, then it will become close to the heart of the people.

Some Zong Internet Packages are available for 7-days which means the Zong customers using these packages continuously for 7-days. This quality is present in the Zong 4G mobile network. Zong is the 4G network that introduces outstanding and superb offers for daily, weekly, and monthly time limits. All packages are fantastic and easily usable.

Terms & Conditions

  • The group owner and all the group members will be charged as per their base data package. If not, they will be charged at the bundle rate of 1/MB, standardly within the bundle period.
  • This offer is valid for all 2G/3G and 4G (Prepaid) customers.
  • Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% on usage applies
  • There are some offers that are auto recursive.
  • There are some offers that are for prepaid customers only.
  • All internet SIM bundles are automatically renewable, you only need to recharge the bundle amount when the bundle expires.
  • Your SIM is your identity; only use those SIMs which are issued through Biometric Verification – PTA.

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