Zong Daily Internet Packages 2022 – November Packages

Zong Daily Internet Packages
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Zong Daily Internet Packages deliver an outstanding range of daily offers. These offers are affordable because of their low prices. These are the packages that are available for a very shortest time of 24 hours or a day.

Zong Daily Internet Packages

Every offer is interesting and useful when it comes to Zong Daily Internet Packages. The detail of all the packages are described briefly in the following:

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Zong Free 3G/4G Package for Facebook

Zong offered a free offer to its users that they can use free Facebook daily without any charges and activation code. This offer is very popular among Zong customers due to the free Facebook.

Zong Twitter Only 3G/4G Package

If you are a Zong user and addicted to using Twitter even when your WIiFi is missing, then the Zong Twitter Only 3G/4G package fulfills all your demands. Zong Twitter Only 3G/4G package will give you 20 MBs of internet. Through these MBs, you can only use Twitter for a day in 2 rupees.

Zong Classified Pack

Zong classified Pack is a daily offer that provides 50 MBs for the internet. The apps which are usable under this package are Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, PakWheels, and Carmudi. This offer is available for just 5 Rupees.

Zong Facebook Daily 3G/4G Package

Zong presented free MBs for Facebook through Zong Facebook Daily 3G/4G offers. It will provide 50 MBs for using Facebook. To avail of this offer dial *6464# and this offer is available for a day for just 5 rupees.

Zong Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle

In Zong Daily Internet Packages, Zong Daily SMS + WhatsApp bundle gives you 30 MBs of data for WhatsApp and 500 SMS for 24 hours. The subscription code for this offer is *700#. This offer costs 5 Rupees only.

Zong Full Gup Package

There is another amazing daily offer by Zong which provides relief for the whole day. This is known as Zong Full Gup Package which gives 75 free On-Net minutes, 100 SMS, and 30 MBs for WhatsApp in just 5 rupees.

Zong Social Pack (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter)

In Zong Daily Internet Packages, Zong Social Pack gives a complete chance to its users to socialize easily. In this package, Zong will provide 100 MBs for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter for a day. It is not costly because it requires 10 Rupees only.

Zong Ramzan Exclusive Daytime Offer

Zong Ramzan Exclusive Daytime Offer is a remarkable offer that provides 1 GB of the Internet for 24 hours or 1 day. This offer is only available in the period of 4 am to 7 pm. That’s why it’s called a Daytime Offer. This offer will require 12 rupees only.

Zong Perfect Package

There is another offer which is specifically for some hours. From 10 pm to 7 pm (the next day), the Zong Perfect Package is available for Zong users. It is perfect because it will provide 40 MBs for using the internet,10,000 free On-Net Minutes, and 500 free SMS. Zong Perfect Package is easily available. Subscribe to this offer for just 12 rupees.

Zong Hello 1 Din

When it’s about Zong daily internet packages, Zong presents amazing packages including the Zong Hello 1 DIN offer. This offer will provide you 50 MBs of data for the internet, 150 free On-Net Minutes, and 150 free SMS. Zong Hello 1 DIN is available for a complete day in just 13 rupees.

Zong Shandaar Daily Package

There is another offer by Zong Daily Internet Packages for the users in the form of the Zong Shandaar Daily Package. This offer will provide 50 MB internet, Unlimited free On-Net minutes, and 800 free SMS. This bundle costs 14 rupees for a whole day or 24 hours.

Zong WhatsApp Only Daily 3G/4G Package

WhatsApp is an App that is commonly used by everyone, so the Zong WhatsApp Only Daily 3G/4G bundle is very useful. It will provide the data of 150 MBs for using WhatsApp. Zong’s WhatsApp offer will give 150 MBs for using WhatsApp for 24 Hours. The amount of 15 rupees is required for using this bundle.

Zong Good Night 3G/4G Package

Here Zong Daily Internet Packages comes with an exciting package for the night. This bundle provides 2.5 GB of internet for the whole long night. From 1-AM to 9-AM this bundle will work. This offer costs 16 rupees only.

Zong Daily 3G/4G Package( Daily Basic)

Zong Daily 3G/4G Package will provide 100 MBs of internet on a daily basis. This offer charges Rs. 17 if you want to activate this. The validity of this bundle is one day or 24 hours.

Zong Daytime Offer

In Zong Daily Internet Packages, Zong Daytime Offer is for the users who want internet during the day. This offer is available from 4 am to 7 pm. It will give 1.5 GB of data for using the internet into these hours. To get this offer, a balance of 16 rupees is required.

Zong Daily Data Max 3G/4G Package

Zong Daily Data Max 3G/4G Package is an amazing package because it will provide double data which means, 500 MBs of the internet for using the internet and another 500 MBs extra for youtube only. This offer will require 38 rupees to activate. You can enjoy this offer for a day only.

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