Jazz Monthly Call Packages 2022

Jazz Monthly Call Packages
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Jazz Monthly Call Packages

Jazz Monthly Call Packages are bundles that are fascinating to Jazz users. These packages last for a long month without any tension of reactivation. Jazz is the most popular Mobile Network among the Pakistani people. It is too familiar in Pakistan just because of its fantabulous variety of unlimited bundles.

Jazz serves 56 million customers in Pakistan with over 8,500 active cell sites and is growing in the country. With the aim of offering something interesting from time to time, Jazz attracts its customers with some new and exciting monthly offers. 

Jazz Monthly Call Packages

The amazing fact about Monthly Call Packages is the availability of free minutes for a more extended time or 30 days continuously. These Jazz Monthly Call Packages provide not only free minutes but also facilitate free SMS and MBs. All the famous Jazz Monthly Call Packages are briefly explained in the following:

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Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer

Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer requires a balance of 75 rupees. In this budget, this offer will provide 200 Free On-Net Minutes, 20 Free Off-Net minutes, 2000 free SMS, and 2 GB internet to the Jazz customers. This is a fair offer in an affordable range.

Jazz Supreme Hybrid Package (Selected Cities Only)

This monthly Supreme Hybrid Package is although not available for all the cities of Pakistan, yet provides exceptional facilities to its users. It allows 1000 free On-Net Minutes, 100 free Off-Net minutes, 1000 Free SMS, and 100 MBs of data for 299 rupees.

Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle

Jazz Monthly Hybrid bundle is a supreme offer that lasts for a month. This bundle is quite expensive, but the facilities which are provided under this offer make it affordable.

This offer provides 10,000 free On-Net Minutes, 50 free Off-Net minutes, 1000 SMS, and 1 GB of data for using the internet. Only Rs. 444 is required to activate this offer.

Jazz Karachi Mahana Offer

Jazz Karachi Mahana Offer is an offer for Karachi users. In this package, you will be provided with 10 GB of Free Internet Data along with 5000 Free On-Net Minutes, 150 Free Off-Net Minutes, and 5000 Free SMS to All Networks for a whole week at a balance of 444 rupees.

Jazz Super Duper Card

Jazz Monthly Call Packages provides you with Jazz Super Duper Card. There is a card for prepaid customers for 600 rupees called the Jazz Super Duper card. This card will provide 2000 free On-Net Minutes, 150 free Off-Net minutes, 2000 free SMS, and 2 GB of internet. This offer is valid for 30 days.

Jazz Monthly Premium Package

Jazz Monthly Premium Package will provide you 25 GB of Free Internet Data along with 250 Free Minutes for a whole week at a balance of 630 rupees.

Jazz Monthly Super Duper

Jazz Monthly Call Packages provides you with a Super Duper offer with an excellent collection of MBs, Minutes, and SMS. This Monthly Super Duper bundle gives 3000 free On-Net Minutes, 150 free Off-Net Minutes, 3000 free SMS, and 7 GB data just 636 Rupees.

Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer

Jazz submitted a Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer in monthly internet packages. This offer is perfect because it gives 5000 free On-Net Minutes, 300 free Off-Net Minutes, 15 GB of data for the internet, and 5000 SMS. Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus is an offer that is costly for a specific group because it demands 999 rupees.

What is Jazz Sim Lagao Offer?

Jazz Monthly Call Packages has introduced a new reactivation offer “Jazz Sim Lagao” which offers returning users 3000 minutes of Jazz / Warid minutes, 3000 SMS, and 1500 MB (excluding 9 AM to 1 PM) on the network.

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