Jazz Monthly SMS Packages 2022

Jazz Monthly SMS Packages
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Jazz Monthly SMS Packages

Jazz Monthly SMS Packages have a broader and affordable range of multiple offers every month. All Jazz monthly SMS packages are designed differently in every manner. It is up to the Jazz users that which offer is made for them. All monthly offers give relaxation for being interrupted continuously for the reactivation process. Once you subscribe to the Jazz Monthly SMS Packages, it will entertain you throughout the long month.

Jazz Monthly SMS Packages

Jazz Monthly SMS packages are too attractive because of the maximum validity period of 30 days. All the exciting Jazz Monthly SMS Packages are given below with the detail:

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Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer

When you have a Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer, you do not need to worry about the high monthly offers. This fantastic offer is available in 75 rupees and valid for 30 days. The Jazz Mahana Bachat offer will give 2000 SMS, 2GB of data for the internet, 2000 free On-Net Minutes, and 20 free Off-Net Minutes.

Jazz Monthly Social

Jazz Monthly Social is a social offer that lasts for a month and provides 12000 SMS and 5 GB of data for using the internet regularly. The money which is required for this offer is 99 rupees. If you find that the Jazz Monthly Social offer conveniently brings you, activate the offer by dialing *661#.

To update yourself about the offer, dial *661*2#. This offer is also known as Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bundle and Jazz Monthly SMS Bundle.

Jazz Supreme Hybrid Package

Jazz Supreme Hybrid Package is a monthly package that is not available in every city of Pakistan. This offer lasts 30 days long. This offer will provide 1000 SMS, 1000 free On-Net Minutes, 100 free Off-Net Minutes, and 100 MB data for the internet. Jazz Supreme Hybrid Package costs Rs. 299.

Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle

Jazz’s Introduced Monthly Hybrid Bundle is quite incredible for the jazz users who are addicted to using the monthly offers.  It will give 10000 free SMS, 10,000 free On-Net Minutes, 50 free Off-Net minutes, and 10 GB free internet.

This bundle will be available for a long month, and to subscribe to the offer, one must dial the code of *430#. For getting more details about the remaining package, dial *430*2#.

Jazz Super Duper Card

Jazz Super Duper Card gives 2000 SMS, 2000 free On-Net Minutes, 150 free Off-Net minutes, 2GB internet for a month. This offer will provide ease for continuously 30 days.

If any Jazz customer wants to avail of the facility to use the Jazz Super Duper Card, they must dial *601#, and for further knowledge about the remaining package, you can dial *601*2#. This offer is available at 600 Rupees.

Jazz Monthly Super Duper

This package is worth subscribing to in Jazz Monthly SMS Packages. Jazz Monthly Super Duper offer costs 630 rupees, and it works for 30 days continuously. It is a fantastic offer. To avail of this offer, one must dial *706#, and to check the remainings, please dial *706*2#.

It is a splendid offer. That’s why it provides 3000 SMS, 3000 free On-Net Minutes, 150 free Off-Net Minutes, and 7 GB of internet data. This package offers an excellent opportunity for users to spend a month without any tension.

Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus

After the Jazz Monthly Super Duper and Jazz Super Duper card, jazz is ready to provide more entertainment to its users in the form of Monthly Super Duper Plus. This monthly package will provide 5000 Free SMS, 5000 free On-Net Minutes, 300 free Off-Net Minutes, and 15 GB of data for using the internet.

To subscribe to the Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus, you must dial *707# from your mobile phone. This offer is available for just 999 Rupees. For checking the remaining offer, dial *707*2#.

Why should we subscribe to the Jazz Monthly SMS Packages?

Whether you are texting all the time or only when needed, don’t worry Jazz is here for you. With affordable rates and fast services, Jazz is famous among mobile users for its impressive SMS offers.

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