Ufone Call Packages 2022 – Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Ufone Call Packages 2021 - Daily, Weekly & Monthly
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Ufone Call Packages 2021 - Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Ufone Call Packages – Daily, Weekly & Monthly subscribe to any of the given packages. It’s all about the Ufone Call Packages which is the vast list for the easiness of the customer of Ufone. Ufone has the subsidy of PTML-Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited.

This network publicly became a part of Emirates Telecommunication Corporation Group-Etisalat in 2006, which enhances its servicing capacity to its users. It officially stepped into the telecom market of Pakistan on January 29, 2001. It provides its services directly from Islamabad to all over the country.

Ufone Call Packages

Ufone provides its users with a lot of Ufone Call packages. You can select any of the given packages according to your need. Moreover, you can subscribe to your favorite offer by dialing the subscription code and enjoy the careless services of Ufone. Make sure to read Terms & Conditions before subscribing to any code.

Its services included Ufone Call Packages, SMS, and the Internet. Ufone tries to facilitate you at any cost. So here is the 15 days call offer, which can be interesting for those who want to activate new bundles to explore the versatility of Ufone.

Ufone Daily Call Packages

Ufone is renowned as the brand of youth. So, yes, it tries to compensate them to every level even in daily routine in the shape of Ufone daily call Packages. There are very exciting packages for prepaid talkies on a daily and hourly basis. At an hourly level, a U-to-U package is in demand for the people who have to-the-point conversations, not gossip at all.

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Ufone Weekly Call Packages

When it’s about weekly call bundles, Ufone gives fierce competition to its opponents by offering unbeatable and energetic offers. Weekly call packages are favorable for those who get exhausted with daily subscriptions. Ufone is one of few brands that delivered very exceptional and noteworthy offers. So, it can prove itself as an outclass and unsurpassable technical company by surprising packages and deals.

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Ufone Monthly Call Packages

Likewise other packages, Ufone Call Packages come with exciting packages when Ufone monthly call packages are concerned. These packages are beneficial for those who don’t want to face any interruption in the shape of low balance. The entire month they can use these call packages and make unlimited calls. 

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Ufone Hourly Call Packages

Ufone Hourly Call Packages are now excited for you to keep in contact with your loved ones even at very low rates of less than Rs.10. Anyone can afford these packages quite easily.

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Ufone Other Call Packages

In today’s world, people are genius as they never waste their time typing a message and then send. They press the call button and start conversations. So, for unlimited calls, they have to use any package. Ufone Behisaab allows you to use free unlimited On-Net minutes for the whole day.

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Either you have a business background, or you are a student or belong to any other class. Ufone gives the subsidy to every one of you. The Ufone call packages by Ufone which are in demand are The Power Pack(Asli Chappar Phar) and Weekly Pakistani Offer. In a power pack you amazingly avail 100 on-Net minutes, 100 SMS, and 1000 MBs internet whereas, Weekly Pakistani Offer lets you unlimited on-Net minutes and 100 MBs.

If you want to talk with your family, friends, and classmates for sure, you demand a package that lasts many hours or a day. Here Ufone admires you with its Super 5 and Daily Pakistan Offers. These are the familiar bundles in the list of Ufone Call Packages. In super 5, you can enjoy unlimited call minutes from 5 am-5 pm, whereas Daily Pakistan entertains you with unlimited minutes with unlimited Mbs for day-24 hours. 

What is Asli Chappar Phaar Offer?

Asli Chappar Phar is a perfect offer by Ufone Call Packages. It gives you 1GB internet, 100 free SMS, 100 free On-Net minutes in 80 rupees per week.

What is Super Card Package?

The Super Card Package is just amazing. This package is mainly for prepaid customers. With this prepaid customers can avail themselves of a variety of offers at different rates.

What is Mera Sheher Offer?

Mera Shahar Offer can free you to make unlimited calls from Ufone to Ufone, PTCL, and Vfone for 24 hours within just 9.99 rupees.

What are Ufone Cards?

Like Ufone Super Card in 520 rupees, Ufone Super Card Plus in Rs 599, Ufone Super Recharge Offer in 45 rupees, Ufone Mini Card in Rs. 299, Ufone Super Internet and Ufone Super Minutes. Ufone Super Card Plus is the most convenient service. If you are a prepaid customer, you can avail of 1500 MBs, 4200 free SMS, 1200 On-Net minutes, and 180 Off-Net minutes just in Rs.599 per month.

Ufone super card is also always in demand ib the list of Ufone Call Packages as it gives 1000 MBs, 1000 SMS, 1000 On-Net minutes, and 150 Off-Net minutes in just Rs 520 per month. You can use your Ufone Super Card Plus, Ufone Super Card, and ULoad for getting these thrilling packages.

Daily Ufone 24 Ghantay Offer includes 84600 minutes from Ufone to Ufone, Vfone, and PTCL within Rs 8.99. The most important thing is how to avail. So, you can subscribe to this bundle from the list of Ufone Call Packages by loading the Ufone Mini Super Card worth Rs 299 for 15 days. This package included 300 MBs, 500 SMS, 500 On-net Minutes, and 10 Off-Net minutes.

Customers can also avail of this via ULoad. You have a low balance, don’t worry at all. Ufone Pakistan can cherish you even in the low balance of just Rs 45 for 3 days with Ufone Call Packages. With this, you have 100 MBs, 300 SMS, 300 On-Net minutes, and 10 Off-Net minutes. You just have to dial *300# or use ULoad to avail of this package. 

Terms & Conditions

  • You must have sufficient balance to subscribe to the desired package.
  • User can check their remaining resources by dialing *706#.
  • The offer will start immediately when the user receives the message from Ufone.
  • After using the display volume, the internet will remain active and will be charged at the default tariff, i.e. Rs. 2.75+ tax per MB with 512 KB charging plus.
  • When you use 25MB, you get 150MB for free till midnight.
  • Your SIM is your identity. That’s why always use Biometric verified SIMS (PTA).

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