Jazz Weekly Internet Packages 2022

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Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages are exceptionally amazing due to their medium span of validity. The weekly time range of any package is affordable to the users’ pocket and available continuously for 7-days.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages provides comfort and luxury to its customers in different parts of the country through its comprehensive and on-site offerings. The company develops Jazz Weekly internet packages to suit the needs of its customers which has made it the preferred network provider for many Pakistanis.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Jazz Weekly internet Packages has some interesting and affordable packages for its customers like Weekly Mega Plus Package, Weekly extreme, Weekly Social Bundle, etc. through which customers can access high-speed Jazz 4G internet services in different parts of the country. can enjoy.

Jazz prepares all its packages and offers precisely according to the need and desires of its customers. These offers are easy to use. Some of the most prominent Jazz Weekly Internet Packages are described in the following:

Package Name
Free On-Net Mins
Free Off-Net Mins
Free SMS
Free MBs
Jazz 4G Sim Offer400400040007 Days
Jazz New SIM Offer1000100010007 Days
Jazz Weekly WhatsApp & SMS1500257 Days
Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer250007 Days
Jazz Sargodha Weekly Offer2000200020007 Days
Jazz Weekly YouTube & Social250007 Days
Jazz All in One Social100030007 Days
Jazz Free Music Bundle (Weekly)7007 Days
Jazz Work From Home BundleUnlimited100007 Days
Jazz Punjab Haftawar Offer505000100007 Days
Jazz Weekly Hybrid100020100010007 Days
Jazz Haftawar All Rounder Package (Selected Cities Only)100050100010007 Days
Jazz Weekly Premium 3G, 4G Package5040007 Days
Jazz Weekly All Network Package100060100020007 Days
Jazz Weekly Mega70007 Days
Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer15006015030007 Days
Jazz Weekly Super Plus5000705000120007 Days
Jazz Weekly Mega Plus Offer250007 Days
Jazz Weekly Super Max6000606000300007 Days

Jazz 4G SIM Offer

Jazz brings out a welcome surprise to the new member of its family in the shape of the Jazz 4G SIM offer. This package gives 400 Free On-Net Minutes, 4000 free SMS, and 4GB internet for Jazz users in 0 rupees. This is an offer for the new arrivals that last 7-days.

Jazz New SIM Offer

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages has Jazz New SIM Offer will award 1500 free On-Net Minutes that work other than 6 pm to 10 pm, 1.5 GBs of internet, and 1500 SMS. This incentive is available for them once and for the new SIM users.

Jazz Weekly WhatsApp And SMS

Jazz Weekly WhatsApp and SMS bundle is also enjoyable in the Jazz Weekly Internet Packages group. This bundle will provide 25 MBs data which are useful only for WhatsApp and 1500 free SMS for a week for just 20 rupees. If anybody wants to activate this offer, they must dial the code.

Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer

Jazz Weekly Extreme is a bumper offer for mobile internet lovers. This offer is fantastic because it gives 25 GB of data which is enough for the whole week in just 85 rupees only. To check the remaining data, dial *117*1*2#.

Jazz Sargodha Weekly Offer

This offer gives 2000 Free On-Net Minutes, 2000 Free SMS, and 2 GB internet for the whole week. This is a beneficial offer for the people of Sargodha. This offer is known as Jazz Sargodha Weekly Offer.

Jazz Weekly Youtube And Social

Jazz Weekly Youtube And Social bundle is an incredible bundle for people who love to browse social Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube, etc. This package will provide 5 GB of Data for use on Youtube and social Apps. This offer requires a balance of 89 rupees only. It is available for a week.

Jazz All in One Social

Jazz All in One Social offer is an amazing offer that can only be used for social media. In this package, get 3 GB of Free Internet Data along with 1000 Free On-Net Minutes for a whole week at the balance of 89 rupees.

Jazz Free Music Bundle

There is an outstanding offer for music lovers for a week in the form of Jazz Free Music Bundle. This offer gives 350 MBs Data for the internet and 350 MBs for Saavn in just 90 rupees. This Free Music Bundle can be activated through the code of *520*2*1# for the 7-days.

Jazz Work From Home Bundle

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages provides you Work From Home Bundle is a great bundle in the situation of a social pandemic. This bundle will provide everything useful while living in the home for the whole long week. This will give unlimited free On-Net minutes, except 8 am-6 pm and 10 GBs internet for 95 rupees.

Jazz Punjab Haftawar Offer

Punjab Haftawar Offer will provide you 10 GB of Free Internet Data along with 50 Free On-Net Minutes and 5000 Free SMS to All Networks for a whole week at a balance of 100 rupees.

Jazz Weekly Hybrid

This Weekly Hybrid offers provides 1000 free On-Net Minutes, 20 free Off-Net Minutes, 1000 free SMS, and 500 MB data for the internet. This is a very suitable bundle at just 120 Rupees. This is one of the best offers in Jazz Weekly Internet Packages.

Jazz Haftawar All-Rounder Package (For Selected Cities Only)

The Jazz Haftawar All-Rounder Package is an incredible and fantastic deal. It includes all facilities like On-Net, Off-Net minutes, SMS, and MBs for just 120 rupees throughout the week. This offer will include 250 MBs data, 1000 Free On-Net Minutes, 50 Free Off-Net minutes, and 1000 free SMS.

Jazz Weekly Premium 3G, 4G Package

Jazz Weekly Premium 3G, 4G is a fantastic bundle that gives 3 GB of data for the internet for Rs. 169 only. The 4 GB internet is available for the whole long week.

Jazz Weekly All Network Package

Jazz Weekly All Network Package is an easily available offer by Jazz. This will provide you with 1000 Free On-Net Minutes, 50 Free Off-Net Minutes, 1000 Free SMS, and 2 GB Data Internet. A balance of 160 rupees is required for this package of Jazz Weekly Internet Packages.

Jazz Weekly Mega

Jazz Weekly Mega bundle is really superb because it will give 7 GB of Internet data for 7 days. Now, you can use mobile internet excessively without any fear of ending the MBs throughout the week. This will require a balance of 210 rupees.

Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer

For 7 days, there is a long list of internet packages available for the Jazz Customers. Jazz Weekly Super Duper offer is one of these. This bundle will give 1500 Free On-Net Minutes, 60 Free Off-Net Minutes, 1500 Free SMS, and 3 GB of Data. Jazz Weekly Super Duper is a wonderful weekly internet offer for just 210 rupees.

Jazz Weekly Super Plus

This offer also proves very smart due to its combination. It will arrange the combination of 5000 Free On-Net Minutes, 70 Free Off-Net Minutes, 5000 Free SMS, and 12 GB Internet Data. Jazz Weekly Super Plus package demanded the balance of Rs. 250.

Jazz Weekly Mega Plus

Jazz Weekly Mega Plus offer is specified for the internet only. It will offer 25 GB of data on the Internet for a week. This package costs 275 Rupees. *453*2# is the code to check the package’s present situation.

Jazz Weekly Super Max

The last but not the least offer on Jazz Weekly Internet Packages list is Jazz Weekly Super Max. This is the bumper Weekly Internet Package. Jazz Weekly Super Max entertains its users by giving them 6000 Free On-Net Minutes, 60 Free Off-Net Minutes, 6000 Free SMS, and 30 GB Internet Data for 299 Rupees. *506*2# is the code for checking the leftover.

What are the most suitable Jazz Internet Weekly Packages?

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages provides you with the Mega Weekly Jazz Plus bundle, users get a free subscription to Jazz TV with 24GB of internet for a full week at Rs. 267 (tax included). This package is for customers who want to get into the entertainment world without worrying about data usage.

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