Jazz Daily Internet Packages 2022

Jazz Daily Internet Packages
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Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Jazz daily internet packages are based on different offers according to the demands of different people. These offers are valid for a day or 24 hours. Jazz has a very strong relation with the people of Pakistan so that it gives fantastic Jazz Daily Internet Packages to make this relationship stronger than ever.

Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital communications company, creates data plans for literally everyone. From daily packages to location-based specials, the company offers new and exciting data deals at affordable prices for all types of users. Not only Sindh, but Jazz also provides these special facilities to other provinces like Punjab and KP.

You can visit the Jazz World app to find all location-based packages or you can scroll down to find all amazing Jazz daily internet packages in one place. So what are you waiting for, take advantage of these amazing Jazz daily internet packages to enjoy the best and fastest mobile internet services in the country?

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Jazz Daily Internet Packages offers its customers many exciting and affordable packages like Daily YouTube and Social, Super Hour Show, Daily Extreme Package, etc. which can fulfill all the needs of the users.

Mobilink Jazz is one of the strongest mobile operators in Pakistan. In the time of need, Jazz provided the demanded bundle for its users. There are some more details about multiple Jazz Daily Internet Packages by Jazz or Mobilink below:

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Jazz Free WhatsApp Offer

In Jazz Daily Internet Packages, Jazz Free WhatsApp Offer is an amazing internet offer that will provide you  65 MBs of Free Internet Data for a whole day. This data can only be used for WhatsApp.

Jazz Free Facebook

Jazz Free Facebook is an interesting offer. This offer permits users to use the Facebook app for free continuously 24 hours or a day. This offer is for the new Mobilink users. For using the free Facebook you just have to on the free mode which is shown above the screen of the Facebook timeline.

Jazz Gujranwala Super Data Offer

Jazz Gujranwala Super Data Offer is only for Gujranwala users. By subscribing to this offer, users will get 5 GB of Free Internet Data for a whole day for just Rs.6.

Jazz Daily Whatsapp SMS Bundle

If anyone wants WhatsApp MBs and SMS in the same offer then they must go for this package. Because Jazz Daily SMS Whatsapp Bundle awarded you both with the same offer.

In this bundle, the Jazz users can achieve 10 MBs for Whatsapp and 1800 SMS for the long day in just 7.2 rupees. If there is any issue or you don’t want the offer for a long time, just dial *334*4#.

Apna Shehar Package

Apna Shehar Package is an exclusive offer presented by Jazz. This bundle is not available in every city of Pakistan. Some cities like Shorkot, Jhang, Dinga, Kot Addu, Rajanpur, Pir Mahal, Toba Tek Singh, Dera Ghazi Khan, Head Faqeeran, Malakwal, Mandi Bahauddin, and others like these are selected for this offer.

In this offer, the Jazz customers of the concerned cities can get Unlimited On-Net minutes, 1500 SMS, and 100 MB data for the internet. This offer is not expensive because it charged 10 rupees only.

Jazz Daily Browser Offer

Jazz Daily Browser Offer is another amazing bundle for the customers of Jazz. This offer will provide 50 MBs for the internet for 11.95 rupees. This offer is very easy to use.

Karachi Daily Hybrid Package

Karachi Daily Hybrid Package is a suitable daily internet bundle for customers belonging to Karachi. This package will also award you Unlimited Free On-Net minutes, 1500 SMS, and 250 MBs for the internet in just 12 rupees.

Jazz Sindh Package

Jazz daily internet packages are very useful to people due to the shortage time period and less money. In the list of Jazz daily internet packages, Jazz brings the Jazz Sindh Package. This offer is only working for the people of Sindh Package.

If Jazz users belong to Sindh then this offer allows you Unlimited Free On-Net minutes, 1500 free SMS, and 250 MBs for the internet. Rs. 12 will be charged to activate this offer.

KPK Daily Offer

KPK Daily Offer is a remarkable Daily internet bundle. This daily pack gives 250 MBs, Unlimited On-Net Minutes, and 1500 SMS for a day in 12 Rupees only. This bundle is specified for the people of KPK.

Jazz Day Bundle

Jazz Day Bundle awarded 300 Free On-Net Minutes, 20 MBs of internet, and 300 Free SMS. The Jazz Day Bundle is for one day only and will charge 14 rupees only. This is an affordable package for all people.

Jazz Daily Extreme

Here is another package by Mobilink called Jazz Daily Extreme. Its title tells something extremely exciting given to the Jazz subscribers within this package. This Extreme offer allows 2 GB of data continuously a day for 15 rupees only.

Jazz Daily Youtube and Social

Jazz Daily Youtube and Social package is very amazing for the ones who want to browse youtube and like to be social continuously for a day. This offer gives 1 GB of data within 15 rupees for a day.

Jazz Daily Super

The list of Jazz Daily internet packages is very long. Jazz Daily Super is one more adorable addition to the group. This daily offer provides 150 MBs for the internet, 1440 free On-Net Minutes, and 50 free SMS for a single day. If you have a balance of 18 rupees you can easily grab this offer.

Jazz Free Music Bundle

Jazz always gives an opportunity to its followers to enjoy everything. So here is an adorable package of Jazz, the Free Music Bundle, for music lovers. This will give you 50 MBs for the internet plus extra 50 MBs for using the Saavn app. This will happen in 20 rupees only and it is valid for a single day.

Jazz Daily Mega

Jazz Daily Mega is the bumper offer for Jazz users because it awards 1 GB of data for the internet for 27 rupees only for a day. To subscribe to the Jazz Daily Mega offer, one should dial *117*4#. This package is quite interesting for Mobilink users.

Jazz Super Plus

With the credit of 28 rupees, Jazz will give 500 MBs, 500 free On-Net Minutes, 5 Off-Net Minutes, and 500 free SMS on every network in the Jazz Super Plus bundle.

What are location-based offers in Jazz Daily Internet Packages?

Jazz Daily Internet Packages have some location-based specials as well as Sindh Daily offer that gives customers 250MB data, unlimited jazz minutes, and 1,500 SMS throughout the day for just Rs. 12 (tax included). This offer is only for residents of specified areas of Sindh and they can easily avail of this offer by dialing *522# from their mobile phone. Subscribers of this offer can use this package till midnight. After that, they have to subscribe to that offer again.

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