Zong SMS Packages 2022 – Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Zong SMS Packages
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Zong SMS Packages

Zong SMS Packages – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly are intuitive and eye-opening for people in Pakistan who rely on Zong Network. These packages give consumers many opportunities to choose their best option. These packages are divided into daily, weekly, and monthly offers, which provide an easy and wide range.

Zong SMS Packages

SMS is a major concern of every mobile phone user. Zong offers smart and reliable offers. Zong strives to compensate its customers with great and fun packages. Here are more details about Zong SMS Packages (daily, weekly, and monthly).

Zong Daily SMS Packages

Zong Daily SMS Packages are only available for 1 day or 24 hours. After 24 hours, these packages are automatically deactivated and after one day these offers have to be activated again and again. The daily packages offered by China Mobile through Zong are very good and useful.

The only problem with these offers is that it takes a minimum of time to make them available. All Zong Daily packages are listed below:

[complete network=”Zong-Daily-SMS-Packages”]

Zong Weekly SMS Packages

Zong also offers weekly SMS packages, which are inexpensive and eliminate recurring activities. It is the second-largest mobile network in Pakistan, so its offerings are attractive and familiar to Pakistanis. Zong Weekly SMS Package is available for 7 days, which means Zong users use these packages for 7 consecutive days. Special offers are listed in the table below:

[complete network=”Zong-Weekly-SMS-Packages”]

Zong Monthly SMS Package

Zong Signals are available in every corner of Pakistan. Therefore, for the convenience of consumers, monthly SMS packages have been developed by Zong. These shows are full of fun and adventure. These Zong SMS packages are available for 30 days which is the best part of it. All monthly Zong message packages are listed here:

[complete network=”Zong-Monthly-SMS-Packages”]

Zong Others SMS Packages

Zong is the first mobile network to receive a 4G license in Pakistan in 2014. There are 9 million Zong subscribers in Pakistan who enjoy this offer. There are many Zong SMS packages that are not limited to a specific time or date. Let’s take a look at these packages.

[complete network=”Zong-Others-SMS-Packages”]

Zong is the first mobile network in Pakistan to obtain a free license to provide its mobile services. Zong is a 4G network that offers great and exciting offers for daily, weekly and monthly time frames. All Zong SMS packages are great and easy to use.

However, Zong is the best of all mobile networks, so its offerings are very impressive and well-liked. If the mobile network provides what the customer asks for, you will be closer to people’s hearts. This standard is present in Zong 4G mobile network.

Terms and Conditions

This offer is available to all 2G / 3G and 4G (prepaid) customers.
19.5% sales tax (GST) is applicable on usage.
There are some offers that may be automatically revoked.
There are only a few offers for prepaid customers.
Your SIM is your identity. Use only SIM cards issued with biometric verification.

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