Jazz Daily SMS Packages 2021 – July Packages

The variety of different amazing offers are designed as the Jazz Daily SMS Packages. These daily packages are easily accessible to the users of Jazz. With the lowest balance of 10 rupees, every Jazz customer can get amazing deals.

Daily offers are valid for a day or a few hours. It all depends upon the user’s choice whether he chooses the offer for the whole day or some hours. All Jazz Daily SMS Packages are affordable. The details of these packages are given below:

Jazz Daily WhatsApp & SMS Bundle

Rs. 7.21800 SMS, 10 MB Data1 DaySubscription Code : *334#
Unsubscribe : *334*4#
Status Code : *334*2#
Info Code : *334*3#
Jazz Super F&F Package

Rs. 9.56Unlimited Free On-Net Minutes, Unlimited Free SMS1 DayTo Subscribe : Dial *141*F&F_Number#
Status String : *141*2#
Info String : *141*3#
Apna Shehar Package (Selected Cities)

Rs. 10Unlimited Free On-Net Minutes, 1500 SMS, 100 MB Data1 DayTo Subscribe : *229#
Info String : *229*3#
Un-subscription : *229*4#
Status String : *229*2#
Jazz Sindh Package

Rs. 12Unlimited Free On-Net Minutes, 1500 SMS, 250 MB Data1 DayDial *522# to Subscribe
Dial *522*2# to check Status
Karachi Daily Hybrid Package (For Khi Only)

Rs. 12Unlimited Free On-Net Minutes, 1500 SMS, 250MB Data1 DayDial *400# for Subscription
Dial *400*2# to check Status
KPK Daily Offer

Rs. 12Unlimited Free On-Net Minutes, 1500 SMS, 250MB Data1 DayTo Subscribe : *291#
Info String : *291*3#
Un-subscription : *291*4#
Status String : *291*2#
Jazz Day Bundle

Rs. 14300 Free On-Net Minutes, 300 SMS, 20 MB Data

1 DaySubscription : *340#
Un-Subscription : *340*4#
Status String : *340*2#
Info String : *340*3#
Jazz Daily Super

Rs. 17
1440 Free On-Net Minutes, 50 SMS, 150 MB Data
1 DaySubscription : *212#
Status : *212*2#
Un-Subscription : *212*4#
Info String : *212*3#
Jazz Super Plus
Rs. 28500 Free On-Net Minutes, 5 Free Off-Net Minutes, 500 SMS, 500 MB Data
1 DayDial *558# to Subscribe

Jazz Daily WhatsApp And SMS Bundle

This is a remarkable offer with a free WhatsApp facility. Jazz Daily WhatsApp and SMS package is providing 1800 SMS and 10 MBs internet data for 24 hours.

To activate this Daily bundle, one must dial *334#, to check the status of the package dial *334*2#, and for deactivation, one must dial *334*4#. This bundle is available for 7.2 Rupees.

Jazz Super FnF Package

Jazz Super Friends and Family Package is an attractive package that will provide unlimited free On-Net Minutes and free On-Net SMS on your favorite numbers. The balance required for this bundle is 10 rupees approximately.

To subscribe to the Jazz Super FnF Package, the user must dial *141*F&F_number#. This FnF number is the number that users like the most or the number of users they want to talk to for the whole day. To get the package’s information, dial *141*3#, and for a status update, dial *141*2#.

Apna Shehar Package

This Apna Shehar Package is only for some selected cities. This offer will give Unlimited free On-Net Minutes, 1500 SMS, and 100 MBs for Internet in Rs. 10 only for a day.

If you want to activate the Apna Shehar Package, then the subscription code is *229#; for checking the package’s status, dial *229*2#, and unsubscription, dial *229*4#.

Jazz Sindh Package

Jazz Sindh Package is the Daily offer of SMS, minutes, and MBs. This SMS package will provide you 1500 SMS, unlimited minutes for calls, and 250 MBs of internet.

This package is beneficial because MBs and Minutes are also given with the SMS for just Rs 12. This offer is accessible by dialing *522#. To check the remainings from Jazz Sindh Package, dial *522*2#.

Karachi Daily Hybrid Offer

Karachi is one of the populated cities of Pakistan and for the people of Karachi Jazz introduces Karachi’s daily Hybrid Offer. In this offer, Jazz gives 1500 SMS, 250 MBs for internet, and Unlimited free On-Minutes.

Karachi Daily Hybrid Offer is only for the people of Karachi. If anyone wants to subscribe to the offer, they can dial *400# for just 12 Rupees.

KPK Daily Offer

KPK Daily also offers a remarkable daily SMS offer with 1500 SMS, Unlimited Free On-Net minutes, and 250 MB data for the internet for just 12 rupees. This offer is valid for the people of KPK, which is the fourth province of Pakistan.

To enjoy the KPK daily offer, one must dial the subscription code of *291#. If you want further information about the package, then dial *291*3#, and for checking the remainings, dial *291*2#.

Jazz Day Bundle

Here is another superb offer presented by Jazz in its Jazz Day Bundle. This will provide an amazing mixture of SMS, MBs, and free minutes. This day bundle gives 300 SMS, 300 free On-Net Minutes, and 20 MBs of data for the internet.

The Jazz Day Bundle costs 14 rupees only. If you want to avail of this offer, you have to dial *340#. For further detail about the offer, dial *340*3# and dial *340*2# for remainings.

Jazz Daily Super

Jazz Daily Super bundle will provide an amazing variety of 50 SMS, 150 MBs, and 1440 free On-Net Minutes in Rs 17 only for a complete day.

To subscribe to the Jazz Daily Super, you have to dial *212#. And if you want the detail of the remainings, dial *212*2#, and for information, dial *212*3#.