Jazz Hourly Call Packages 2022

Jazz Hourly Call Packages
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Jazz Hourly Call Packages

Jazz Hourly Call Packages are essential and prove very helpful in times of need. These packages are not for a longer duration. These packages are available from one hour to some hours.

Sometimes, people eagerly want to contact their loved ones but fail to do so because of insufficient balance for different expensive packages. Jazz Hourly Call Packages, now solve this problem of the people. Because these packages have unique and remarkable offers within the low balance.

Jazz Hourly Call Packages

Jazz Hourly Call Packages are full of exciting offers so that these are exceptionally useful and in demand. Through these packages, people can quickly call their friends and family members in a time of need or help or to share something urgently.

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Likewise, many other packages, Jazz Hourly Call Packages, are also available in a variety. The detail of these packages are given below:

Jazz Ghanta Offer

As the name of this offer, “Jazz Ghanta Offer ” described amazingly about this package. The relaxation given through this package is valid for some hours. Jazz Ghanta Offer gives free unlimited Jazz / Warid minutes for 2 hours continuously.

This offer is very striking because it can be subscribed to within 3 rupees only. To subscribe to the Jazz Ghanta Offer, you have to dial *555# from your phone.

Jazz Student Bundle

Jazz always cares about all its customers, including students. Jazz Student Bundle is also an example of this care. This bundle is wonderfully impressive for the students as it gives free Facebook with free minutes.

Jazz Student Bundle is presented to you with Unlimited free Warid / Jazz minutes and free Facebook for 2 hours in just 3 Rupees. Its subscription code is straightforward. To subscribe to the Jazz Student bundle, dial *3000#.

Jazz Super Ghanta Offer

Jazz Super Ghanta Offer will give you 60 minutes for 1 Hour at the balance of Rs. 6. This is one of the most exciting packages of Jazz hourly call packages. This offer is quite affordable and can be very useful.

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