Jazz WhatsApp Packages 2021 – Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Jazz WhatsApp Packages 2021 - Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Jazz always concerns about its customers’ needs, so to make the use of WhatsApp easier, it introduced Jazz WhatsApp Packages too. WhatsApp is a Social application that is widely used all over the world and is likable by almost everyone.

Mobilink / Jazz is the most famous Mobile Network among the people of Pakistan for the last few days. It facilitates the people of Pakistan with its matchless and superb offers. Undoubtedly, Jazz packages are full of variety. The combination of SMS, Minutes and MBs is given by Jazz on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis is effective and close to Pakistani people’s hearts.

WhatsApp is a demanding application not only among the youngest but also among the older and children too. So, Jazz creates amazing WhatsApp packages on Daily, Weekly, and Monthly behalf.

Jazz Daily WhatsApp Packages

Daily WhatsApp Package by Jazz is a very fantastic bundle with fewer rupees. This package fulfills the daily need of Jazz users regarding WhatsApp. Everyone almost uses Whatsapp because it gives sending and receiving SMS and enables people to make video and audio calls.

In below, there are some Daily WhatsApp Packages are mentioned:

Daily WhatsApp Bundle Rs. 7.1710 MBs & 1800 SMS1 Day*334#
WhatsApp Daily Offer Rs 2 200 MBs1 Day*311#
Jazz Daily Social Rs 8 500 MBs1 Day*114*5#

Daily WhatsApp Bundle

Jazz presented a Daily WhatsApp Bundle for its customers. It provides 10 MBs and 1800 SMS for a day in just Rs. 7.17. If anyone has a balance of fewer than 10 rupees, then they will go for it. For the subscription, the users have to dial *334#. To unsubscribe from the offer, dial *334*4#.

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is for a limited time and changes by the network at any time.
  • 0.06 rupees will be charged upon checking the remaining status.

WhatsApp Daily Offer

WhatsApp Daily Offer gives 200 MBs in just 2 rupees, including taxes. To subscribe to this offer, one must dial *311#. This offer is valid for 24 hours.

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is valid in some cities only, not all over Pakistan. The people live in Alipur, Kabirwala, Khan Bela, Liaqatpur, Muzaffargarh.
  • The WhatsApp Daily Offer will be activated automatically after 24 hours, with Rs’ subscription fee. 2.
  • All areas having 2G/3G/4G facilities can have this offer.
  • If there is no balance, then the automatic subscription is not possible. The users must have to dial *311# to achieve the offer.

Jazz Daily Social

Daily Social is the bundle that gives 500 MBs for WhatsApp and Facebook. This offer is valid for one day only for just Rs. 8.00 included tax.

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is not subscribed automatically. Re-subscriptions are needed to enjoy the offer.
  • Actual Internet speed depends on different factors.

Jazz Weekly WhatsApp Packages

WhatsApp Weekly Packages are exciting and easily affordable by the people of Pakistan. These packages are continued for the whole long week or 7-days.

These packages provide a more massive amount of MBs for WhatsApp as compared to Daily WhatsApp Packages. Here are the details of some Weekly WhatsApp Packages.

Weekly WhatsApp and SMS
Rs. 2025 MB data for WhatsApp and 1500 SMS7 Day*101*1*07#
Weekly Youtube and Social
Rs 80 5 GB data for WhatsApp7 Day*660#

Weekly WhatsApp and SMS

Weekly WhatsApp and SMS offers give 25 MB data for WhatsApp and 1500 SMS. This offer is valid for 7-days, and the balance required for this package is 23 rupees. Rs. 20 will be deducted after subscribing to the offer. The subscription code for this bundle is *101*1*07#.

Terms & Conditions

  • To unsubscribe from the offer, dial *101*4*07#.
  • To know the status of the package, one must dial *101*2*07#.
  • For information, dial *101*3*07#.
  • This offer is for a limited time and changed anytime.

Weekly Youtube and Social

Weekly Youtube and Social also consider WhatsApp weekly packages because it provides 5 GB of data for WhatsApp, Youtube, IMO, and Facebook for 80 rupees, including taxes. To subscribe to this offer, the code is *660#. The validity will continue for a week.

Terms & Conditions

  • At any time of the day, this package will be subscribed.
  • 0.06 rupees will be deducted on checking the remaining status of the package.
  • This offer will not be re-subscribed again automatically. For reactivation, the customers have to dial the subscription code.
  • An Average of Rs.2 per MB is applied for the internet bundle.

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Packages

WhatsApp Monthly Packages are in demand among Pakistani people. These packages are quite beneficial due to their more extensive 30 days. These are not too expensive.

After subscribing to the monthly offer, the users live freely without the tension of subscribing to the offer again and again for a long month. The WhatsApp Monthly Packages are described in the following:

Jazz WhatsApp Monthly
Rs. 895 GB data for Whatsapp, Facebook, IMO, and 12,000 SMS30 Day*661#

Jazz WhatsApp Monthly

Jazz WhatsApp Monthly Package provides a more incredible amount of incentives in the form of 5 GB data for Whatsapp, Facebook, IMO, and 12,000 SMS for 30 days for 89 rupees(including tax).

The balance which is required for this offer is 79 rupees only. To activate this fantastic bundle of excitement, dial *661#. If you want to deactivate the offer, please dial *661*4#.

Terms & Conditions

  • The subscription charges are 100 Rupees for Gwadar.
  • To check the status of this package, dial *661*2#.
  • For package information, dial *661*3#.
  • This offer will not be re-subscribed automatically.
  • The users can activate this bundle at any time of the day.