Zong Balance Save Code 2022

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Zong Balance Save Code

Zong Balance Save Code is a code that can save your Zong credit while using Internet data. Sometimes we keep our data on to use the internet. In the background, our balance is used up and we do not know. As a result of all of our balance ends up and we remain with 0 balance in the account. To avoid this situation, we are here to guide you on “How to save Zong Balance?” This procedure is free of cost which means you do not have to pay for this.

Zong Balance Save Code

  • Open your phone dialer and dial *4004#.

Select the”Prepaid” option.

  • Now dial 1 and subscribe.
  • After this, “Zong 4G Management Service” will be activated.
  • As a result of the subscription, you will receive the confirmation SMS.

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