Zong Device Packages – All Zong 3G/4G Device Packages

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Zong Device Packages

Zong Device Packages

Zong Device Packages are those packages that are only applicable to devices. To use these packages, one must have a device. You can get the device from the near Zong franchise and get this activated. These packages are very good and can be used for 30 days or above. You can get any of the Zong device packages according to your need.

Zong Monthly 3G/4G Device Packages

Monthly 3G/4G Zong Device Packages are currently the most useful monthly packages. These packages have many benefits. First of all, they are quite affordable and second they are for a whole month. So, the user does not have to subscribe to them after a day or a week.

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Zong Others 3G/4G Device Packages

Zong Others Packages are here so that you can choose the right package for you. These packages are not 1 month based packages. These packages have a validity time of more than a month. That’s why many people subscribe to these packages for their ease. Let’s take a look at these packages which are given below:

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Terms & Conditions

Zong provides many internet packages to its users. These packages have proved that the Zong is the number one network when it comes to providing packages. Many people use these packages but they don’t read the terms and conditions. To give you more ease, we have provided you with the Terms & Condition below:

  • FED of 16% applies to usage.
  • Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% applies to usage.
  • The device price itself doesn’t include the package price.
  • An advance Income Tax rate of 10% applies on every recharge.
  • Users have to buy the internet bundle subscriptions separately.


How can we buy Zong 4G device?

Visit the nearest CSC/Franchise or a retailer nationwide in 3G/4G cities.

How to subscribe/unsubscribe to Zong 4G Mobile Wifi bundle?

Dial *6767# from your Master number or *6363# from your MBB number device interface i.e. and subscribe or Unsubscribe any bundle.

Who can use these plans?

All prepaid and postpaid individuals can use these plans.

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