Ufone Super Cards [ Rs 999, Rs 799, Rs 599 & Rs 520 ]

Ufone Super Cards
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Ufone Super Cards

Ufone Super Cards are the greatest facilities of the Ufone network. To avoid the burden of recharging and re-subscribing to different offers of SMS, Internet, and Minutes, Ufone brings the facility of Ufone Super Card for its customers. Now, you are free from the trouble of activation to different packages on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis because Ufone introduces the Super Cards.

Ufone Super Cards

Ufone Super Cards contain different amounts of balance in it. Ufone Super Cards Family gives you free On-Net and Off-Net minutes, MBs for the internet, and SMS. All you want is available in these cards collectively for providing you ease and mental satisfaction for the particular time limit. Ufone fully supports its slogan “Tum Hi Tou Ho” by facilitating its customers on a high level through different and unique offers like Ufone Super Cards. Here you can get all the details about these cards.

So, let’s start

Ufone Super Card Gold

Ufone shares an exclusive bundle of Super Card Gold with its customers so that it fulfills all the needs regarding mobile phones. Ufone always satisfy the expectation of its customers.

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Super Card Gold brings unlimited U to U and PTCL minutes, 300 Off-net minutes, Unlimited SMS, 5GB internet with unlimited Facebook. The cost of the Super Card Gold is 999 rupees. This card is valid for a long month. To activate the Super Card Gold dial *900#.

Ufone Super Card Max

By subscribing to this offer, the users will get unlimited on-net minutes, 4 GB of free internet data, 4500 SMS, and 250 free off-net minutes which will be valid for 30 days in just the balance of Rs. 799 (including tax).

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Ufone Super Card Plus

Ufone Super Card Plus is an outstanding and prominent offer for the users of Ufone for Rs 599. Through this card, you have all that you want in an excessive amount. Ufone cards give you a tension-free feel about your packages reactivation process. The users of Ufone can be satisfied with this Super Card Plus easily rather than activate the other offers separately. It included 1500 MBs, 180 Off-Net minutes, 1200 On-Net minutes, and 4200 SMS for a month. To enjoy this card, you have to dial *250# from your phone. Always follow the terms and conditions of the selected card attentively to avoid any mishap. [/su_expand]

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Ufone Super Cards J2

Ufone Super Cards are a fantastic choice for people who want to use the average amount of Off-Net and On-Net minutes, SMS, and MBs. The super card is valid for a month. The Ufone Super Cards costs 520 rupees. And at 520 rupees, the subscriber will receive 1200 MBs for internet, 150 Off-Net minutes, 2000 On-Net minutes, and 4000 SMS for continuously 30 days or a month. To activate the Ufone Super Card, you should dial *240#. These Ufone Super cards automatically expire after a month. This card is recommended for those who want all things in one package for a more extended period to avoid the resubscription method.

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Ufone Mini Super Card

Some people require a Ufone card for 15 days only; for them, Ufone brings a Ufone Mini Super Card. The validity of this card is for 15 days. This is mainly for users who want less of all things within for a shorter time.

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In the Ufone Mini Super Card, you can get 600 MBs, 75 Off-Net minutes, 500 on Net minutes, and 3500 SMS in 330 rupees only for 15 days if you want to use Super Mini Card, dial *230#. After 15 days, the activation of this card is canceled automatically.

Ufone Super Minutes

Ufone provides every ease to its customers in everything in the shape of superb packages like Ufone Super Minutes. This is the best package for the customer of Ufone who doesn’t want SMS and MBs for regular use. The only requirement of that group is Ufone minutes, which is amazingly fulfilled by Ufone Super Minutes.

In this offer, Ufone gives 100 minutes to all networks for 7-days or a week for just 130 rupees. Ufone Super Minutes are not valid after 7-days. For activating the Ufone Super Minutes, one must dial *210#. These types of offers are in very demand just because of the validity of a week. 

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Ufone Super Internet

When you are talking about mobile networks and their unique and stunning services, then the Internet is always found on the top of the list; therefore, Ufone gives a striking offer of Ufone Super Internet for the use of its users. The Internet is the essential requirement of everyone, and the packages related to the Internet are likable. Ufone Super Internet has 1GB of data in it for 7-days. * 220# activates this offer in RS 130. This package expires automatically after the time limit arrives.

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The Ufone Super Cards Family included many cards like Super Card, Super Card Plus, Mini Super Card, etc. These multiple cards vary in price and give you different quantities of On-Net, Off-Net minutes, SMS, and MBs as per the card balance.

Ufone Super Recharge Offer

With all the exclusive offers, Ufone also brings Super Recharge Offer, which is valid for 2-days only. This is the best package for users who want to travel for a day or more for different purposes at different places.

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Ufone Super Recharge offer gives 100 MB, 10 Off-Net minutes, 300 On-Net minutes, and 700 SMS for two days in RS 45. This offer expires automatically.

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