Ufone Super Cards [ Rs 999, Rs 600, Rs 520 & Rs 290 ]

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Ufone Super Card Gold

Ufone shares an exclusive bundle of Super Card Gold with its customers so that it fulfils all the needs regarding the mobile phones. Ufone always satisfy the expectation of its customers.

Ufone Super Card Gold Rs 999300 Off-Net Minutes, Unlimited On-Net Minutes, Unlimited U-U, Unlimited SMS, Unlimited FaceBook & 5GB Internet30 Days*900#

Super Card Gold brings unlimited U to U and PTCL minutes, 300 Off-net minutes, Unlimited SMS, 5GB internet with unlimited Facebook. The cost of the Super Card Gold is 999 rupees. This card is valid for a long month. To activate the Super Card Gold dial *900#.

Ufone Super Card

Ufone Super CardRs 5201200 MB, 150 Off-net minutes, 1000 On-net minutes, 4000 SMS30 DaysDial *240#

Ufone Super Card Plus

Ufone Super Card PlusRs 5991500 MB, 180 Off-net minutes, 1200 On-net minutes, 4200 SMS30 DaysDial *250#

Ufone Mini Super Card

Some people require a Ufone card for 15 days only; for them, Ufone brings a Ufone Mini Super Card. The validity of this card is for 15 days. This is mainly for users who want less of all things within for a shorter time.

Ufone Mini Super Card Rs 299600 MB, 75 Off-net minutes, 500 On-net minutes, 3500 SMS15 DaysDial *230#

In the Ufone Mini Super Card, you can get 600 MBs, 75 Off-Net minutes, 500 on Net minutes, and 3500 SMS in 299 rupees only for 15 days if you want to use Super Mini Card, dial *230#. After 15 days, the activation of this card is cancelled automatically.

Ufone Super Recharge Offer

With all the exclusive offers, Ufone also brings Super Recharge Offer, which is valid for 2-days only. This is the best package for the users who want to travel for a day or more for different purposes at different places.

Ufone Super Recharge Rs 45100 MB, 10 Off-net minutes, 300 On-net minutes, 700 SMS2 DaysDial *300#

Ufone Super Recharge offer gives 100 MB, 10 Off-Net minutes, 300 On-Net minutes, and 700 SMS for two days in RS 45. This offer expires automatically.

Ufone Super Minutes

Ufone Super Minutes Rs 130100 minutes to all networks7 DaysDial *210#

Ufone Super Internet

Ufone Super Internet Rs 1301GB7 DaysDial *220#

The Ufone Super Card Family included many cards like Super Card, Super Card Plus, Mini Super Card, etc. These multiple cards vary in prices and give you different quantities of On-Net, Off-Net minutes, SMS, and MBs as per the card balance. The details of these cards are given below. You can choose the one which is according to your choice.