Telenor Internet Packages 2022 – Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Telenor Internet Packages
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Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly are intuitive and eye-opening for people in Pakistan who trust Telenor. Telenor Internet Packages provide many opportunities for consumers to make their best choice. These packages are divided into daily, weekly, and monthly offers, providing a very convenient and wide range.

Internet is a major concern for every mobile user, so it offers smart and reliable deals. Telenor strives to compensate its customers with great and fun packages.

The ‘Telenor SIM Application Offer’ is being used as a retention policy to retain the customers. This offer is free for customers who are no longer using Telenor services. Whereas Telenor Djuice offers a monthly all-in-one offer with 5GB of internet data and a free balance of Rs 150 for Rs 350. 

Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor Internet Packages are all amazing and exciting. These packages attract the user very quickly due to their eye-catching offers. The company introduces its ‘Telenor Mahana Rakwala Package’ for those who prefer an all-inclusive package including calls, SMS, and internet. Here are more details about the daily, weekly, and monthly offers:

Telenor Daily Internet Packages

Telenor daily internet packages are only available for one day or 24 hours. These packages are automatically deactivated, and after a day these offers must be reactivated. The daily packages offered by Telenor are great and useful. The only problem with these offers is the minimum time available. All Telenor Daily Packages are listed below:

[complete network=”Telenor-Daily-Internet-Packages”]

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages

Every week, Telenor Internet Packages offers weekly internet packages, which are cheaper and remove reactivation. It is the second-largest mobile network in Pakistan, so its offer is attractive and familiar to Pakistanis. Telenor weekly net packages are available for 7 days, which means that Telenor users use these packages for 7 consecutive days. The featured offers are listed below:

[complete network=”Telenor-Weekly-Internet-Packages”]

Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

Telenor proves to be the best among all the mobile networks so the offers it offers are excellent and highly preferred. If the mobile network meets the customer’s demand, it will be close to the heart of the people. The list of All Monthly Telenor Packages is here:

[complete network=”Telenor-Monthly-Internet-Packages”]

Telenor Others Internet Packages

There are more than 6 million Telenor customers in Pakistan who enjoy its offering. There are many Telenor Internet Packages that are not limited to a specific time or date. These packages are also very catchy and famous. Let’s take a look at these packages.

[complete network=”Telenor-Others-Internet-Packages”]

What are the best Telenor Internet Packages?

If you want 4G services for a full month then ‘Telenor 4G Monthly Package’ and ‘Telenor 4G Monthly Plus Package’ are really good options where users can get 9GB and 10GB internet for Rs 500 and Rs 750 respectively.

Terms & Conditions

  • Many packages given in this post are recursive. This means they can be renewed automatically on the billing cycle.
  • Internet packages can be consumed on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.
  • Pay As You Use is a default rate; subscribers will be charged at PKR 1.024 /MB + tax.
  • Price & Resources may vary based on geographic location.
  • Some packages can be subscribed multiple times within the validity.
  • Your SIM is your identity. Always use Biometric Verified SIM.

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