Ufone Free Facebook Package 2022 – Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Ufone Free Facebook Package 2021 - Daily, Weekly & Monthly
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Ufone Free Facebook Package 2021 - Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Ufone Free Facebook Package is an amazing package. Like many other services and packages, Ufone also gives amazing discount offers for social Apps like Facebook in the form of Ufone Free Facebook Packages. As we know, Ufone is one of the larger mobile networks of Pakistan. So how can it forget to entertain its customers with different and exciting offers?

Nowadays Social Apps like Facebook are becoming a crucial part of every person’s life and mobile. Facebook is a public application that gives a chance to interact with different people in the world. Due to Facebook the whole world now converts into a Global Village.

Ufone Free Facebook Package

Ufone Free Facebook Package is a great package for users. People can easily communicate with each other due to this app without any limitation of age, color, and religion. Every person can enjoy Facebook because it is an entertaining app. You can watch videos and movies, upload pictures, and can chat through Facebook.

For using social apps on mobile phones mobile data is very essential. Here Ufone presents amazing offers for many social apps. These offers are for both postpaid and prepaid customers. Now, the people belonging to Ufone can enjoy their time with the extremely effective internet services provided by Ufone without any interruption.

Now the Ufone customers can use Facebook and many other Apps and sites. The famous Ufone Free Facebook Package gives you an era of enjoyment and happiness. This can also allow you to be up to date with the present happenings and conditions.

Ufone Free Facebook Package gives a chance to its customers to interact with their friends and family members in an easy way. The internet social bundles by Ufone are very inspiring as these give complete coverage with lots of fun at an affordable price.

These social apps packages are the need of every person in the modern world. And Ufone’s extremely good offers facilitate its users to a great extent. Now social apps like Facebook, Messenger, Wikipedia, Bing, and many others can be used uninterruptedly with the Ufone Free Basics Offers.

Terms & Conditions

  • To subscribe, you have to turn on your mobile data and go with the free Facebook option only.
  • The Subscription charges are 0 to none.
  • Ufone App does not support Uc Browser and Opera Mini if you try to search through these. You should use an android browser or iOS browser.
  • Facebook is full of external links. If you click on these links the charges are deducted from your account due to third-party policy. Because these third-party external sites are not conducted by us. So, we highly recommended the review of third-party policies.
  • This service is available for the use of all postpaid and prepaid customers. Every user of Ufone can enjoy this offer.
  • This offer works for a limited time span.
  • The basic usage method is described on subscription.
  • One must review the terms and conditions continue to get updated with the changes in policies.
  • When you go for the paid version of Facebook service charges are applied.
  • For any type of query, feel free to contact us at customercare@ufone.com.

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