How To Work On YouTube Channel In 2022

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How To Work On YouTube Here In This Post You Can Learn All About Youtube. and also you can learn about earn from youtube channel In 2022.

Steps To Start Youtube Channel

If you want to start youtube channel then first step you can do create a fresh gmail account and create a new youtube channel on this gmail account and start making videos .

How To Work On YouTube

After you can create youtube channel on gmail account and also have done all steps covered in gmail the you start processing for next steps.

There are many steps but in this article I can explain you about some of special steps that those all steps are very necessary to learn.

Verify Youtube Channel

If you can done the all steps of creating a youtube channel after that you can verify that youtube channel with simply steps.

For verify youtube channel you can go on chrome browser if you use mobile phone then you can open those youtube channel those you want to verify.

After signing those you can go to their setting and put the mobile phone number. And after putting phone number you have Received a 6 digit’s code for verification of youtube channel. Simply enter those code and click on continue and get a verification.

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When you verify youtube channel after that you can eligible for uploading long videos like 15 minutes videos if you have not verify then you can’t upload long videos and also you can’t use a custom thumbnail for videos.

Upload Videos On Channel

In this step you learn about how to upload videos on YouTube Channel on smartphone. First you can simply open chrome browser and open youtube and sign in those youtube channel and can click on upload option on YouTube beta studio.

After that your uploading have been start and also you have seen all steps like video title and description and tags and also custom thumbnail etc.

Earn Money From Youtube

There are many ways to earn money from youtube so first and Simply method is Google friendly videos content Monetization and can get earning.

So now I can explain you with details all about youtube channel earning. And all methods of earning from youtube.

Youtube Earning Criteria

First of all you can focus on your work I mean your content if you have uploaded many videos and very good educational purposes videos then you can easily complete the YouTube criteria.

If you complete the YouTube criteria after that you can eligible for earning from youtube videos through advertisement ads on your videos.

The YouTube criteria is 4,000  Four Thousands Hours Watch Time And Also 1,000 One Thousand Subscribers In Last 12 Months.

When you complete the YouTube criteria after that you can eligible for monetizatize.

So if you can apply for AdSense monetizatize for youtube contents you can do three steps must.

The Number One Steps is instant step and also very easy step when you click on apply button you can see a different page on those page you can see number step about google youtube privacy policy and you can click on tick button and can do 2nd step if you can go to second step you can create a new AdSense account.

How To Work On YouTube

If you start a 2nd step and start AdSense account making like first name and last name and nationality and also all information about you. If you do this all steps for AdSense account after that you AdSense account can start Reviewing through Google team manually.

If google checked and can passed this one is unique person for this AdSense after that the google team can send a congratulations email for you about approved your AdSense within few hours.

Youtube Monetization

When your AdSense account have been successfully completed and passed after that your YouTube Channel have been in Review For Google Team if you’d all contents is good and google friendly then you have been received a congratulations email of youtube channel Monetization.

How To Work On YouTube

After You Received a Monetization email for your YouTube channel after that you can start earn money through all of your YouTube videos by google ads.

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