Play And Win Earn Money Online

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Everybody searches for money-making apps like Play And Win Earn money online in Pakistan without investment on YouTube and Google. This is a good app for free balance if you also want the app.

Play And Win Earn Money Online

Play and Win (Package Name: was developed by Numbase SAL Offshore and last updated on September 5, 2022, with version 3.75 of Play and Win-Win Cash Prizes. Play and Win-Win Cash Prizes are categorised as trivia. Play and Win-Win Cash Prizes are comparable to 73 Android apps, and this page lists the developer’s other apps.

App Details

Play and Win is a free game that offers two unique game modes. In the first mode, you must attempt to respond accurately to trivia questions to win points, which tests your knowledge. But if you want to move up the leaderboard, your main objective is to complete as many questions as possible before the clock runs out.

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Now, this software is unlocked. This app is available to Android 5.0+ users on the info blog site. Or Google Play. All APK/XAPK downloads offered here are 100% safe, authentic, and quick.
A new game every hour!
Answer trivia questions to put your knowledge to the test and earn the most points and the thrill of cash prizes!
Tens of thousands of inquiries covering all fields, including general knowledge, sports, culture, movies, and technology.

Is This App Real or a Scam? Check the public opinion:

No. 1: A critical review

It was acceptable when I read in a review before downloading the game that there would be a 24-hour wait time if you won, but now that I’ve won, it says two days, but there is a countdown for two days 23 hours. Because of this, what I had anticipated as a pleasant 10-day cash-out game will take a month to complete.

They should just let you play again immediately since there is a way to reduce the wait time to only 24 hours, but doing so requires you to record yourself and upload the video. Having an iOS app that you can only use for its intended purpose EVERY THREE DAYS is annoying due to the limited storage capacity: play, Win, and Earn Cash Online.

Additionally, the wait time is awful. There is a lot of wasted space for the days you won’t be able to utilise it, but the trivia questions are fun, and you might learn something.


I’ll keep playing until I might win money, at which point I’ll remove the application. It’s terrible, and I downloaded it every three days. Additionally, there needs to be an ability to examine actual statistics on the leaderboard. When questioned about this in another review, the developer gave the scapegoating response that it was done for safety concerns.
This might be a scam, but I’m going to give it a thirty-day try and see if I can get my money back.

No. 2: Positive Evaluation

This one is the fairest to all players out of all the trivia games I’ve tried with real-world prizes. Yes, the same players win the games regularly, but this is probably because they have a very high level of trivial knowledge. Unlike other trivia games, there are no power-ups or strategies that can be used to win at the last minute.


To qualify, each participant must finish the 50 questions in the allocated time. The participant with the highest score wins because the time is predetermined and the same for everyone. The questions are challenging but possible and cover many topics. The user interface (UI) is immaculate, making everything easy to find and comprehend. Good work!

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