UPaisa Account – How to Create, Send & Receive Money, Buy Load

As Ufone works exactly according to its logo, “Tum Hi Tou Ho”, so for further ease for its customers, Ufone brings the facility of UPaisa Account. UPaisa is actually the name of an online banking system created for the ease and relaxation of Ufone’s customers.

In today’s world, people have to do many tasks in a concise period of time. So, they chose easy and relaxed ways to maintain their time. Ufone UPaisa is also a proven time saver service provided by Ufone. It has many magnificent benefits for any user of Ufone.

UPaisa is the branchless bank services started in 2013 with the help of Ufone and UBank. By this, Ufone’s customer now becomes able to pay bills, buy recharge, do transactions, and many more things like that just from the house. There is no need to suffer a lot for anything because now, there is Ufone UPaisa.

Ufone users can benefit from this service from homes, Ufone service centers, Ufone franchise, UBank branches, or retailer shops all over Pakistan.

Services of UPaisa

Ufone UPaisa provided many magnificent services to its users, which are described in the following:

1. Ufone customers can easily pay their utility bills from their houses with UPaisa.

2. With the help of UPaisa, you can transfer money from one person to another in the time of need. Your and receiver’s Mobile number and CNIC are required.

3. You can now transfer money to any other Mobile Account from your Mobile Account (if both sender and receiver are UPaisa Account Holder).

  • You can transfer money from your Account to CNIC (if the receiver has no account on UPaisa).
  • Money also transfers through CNIC to Mobile Account (If the sender has no Mobile Account).

4. You can donate money to anyone you want with Ufone UPaisa.

5. UPaisa also provides you an Inter-Bank Funds Transfer facility (IBFT).

6. Online Shopping is now under your one-click due to your UPaisa account.

7. With a UPaisa account, you can load on your number or your family member’s numbers at the time of need.

8. You can deposit cash to your Mobile Account through UPaisa.

9. Also, they can withdraw the cash from Mobile Account.

Requirements For creating the Account, Must be Followed

UPaisa is the online banking system for the customers of Ufone. To avail of all the facilities of Ufone UPaisa, users must have an account of UPaisa. The basic requirements that must not be ignored if you want to create an account of UPaisa. These are mentioned below:

1- Must have a Ufone SIM

2- Original CNIC

How to open a UPaisa Account?

If you want to get benefits from the UPaisa, you have to create an account first. You can create an account of UPaisa by following these simple steps:

  • First of all, dial *786# from your mobile having a Ufone SIM card.
  • In the 2nd step, you have to read the given statement, type 1 on the given space, and press send.
  • Then, enter CNIC to issuance date, and press send.

Now, your account is ready to use. Go and enjoy it!